Montag, 28. Januar 2013

Funny Short Facts

Did you know that...
                                 Funny Interesting Facts                                                           
  1. Most Orange juice is yellow in color not orange.
  2. At one time Ringling Bros Circus advertised having Big Bingo a 2 story elephant, the biggest brute that breathes.
  3. If you spelled out every one of the states in the United States the only letter you would never use is the letter Q.
  4. Pabst Blue Ribbon beer was originally called Best beer.
  5. People often have their tonsils removed. Did you know that if they’re dropped they can bounce as strongly as a bouncy ball?
  6. Topolino is the Italian name for Mickey Mouse.
  7. A turtle can breathe through it’s butt. Hahaha, Funny!
  8. In the North Pole, penguins do not exist.
  9. Major League Baseball requires that all the umpires working in the league must wear black underwear at every game.
  10. Moles have to eat every few hours or will starve to death.

No Pants

Did you know that...

Donald-Duck-Comics wurden in Finnland verboten, weil Donald keine Hose trägt!

Donald-Duck-Comics were forbidden in Finland because Donald wears no pants!